The processing technology of the premium connection thread is realized by the processing program. CNC machine tools, the systems used and the specific processing procedures are different. The following common problems should be paid attention to when programming:

1. According to different workpiece materials and blades, the number of thread cut in should be adjusted appropriately.

2. In turning the thread of premium connection, if the rotation speed is changed, the starting point of thread cut-in will be misplaced and lead to misplacement. Therefore, when programming the thread turning, the rotation speed cannot be changed.

3. The start point and end point of the thread turning of the premium connection shall be kept close to each other.

4. Finish the thread turning of premium connection at a certain angle. If there is no special instruction, finish with a lead.

Through the above tool selection, processing technology determination, processing procedures, etc., the qualified products of the air seal premium connection can be processed.